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Term & Condition

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All shipments are accompanied with health certificates for live tropical fish from The Royal Fisheries Department of Thailand for a fee of US$15 per shipment and/or (if you order aquatic plants) Phytosanitary Certificates from The Department of Agriculture of Thailand for a fee of US$17 per shipment.


All prices can be found in our price list. Prices are quoted in US dollars and cents. In addition to prices of products, we charge a packing fee of US$7.50-10.00 per box; depends on packing type, and US$ 1.50-3.00 per one heat pack depends on specification. There is also a handling fee of US$80 per shipment. (A handling fee of US$80 per shipment is also charged on top.)


Currently, we accept both Money Order and Telegraphic Transfer (Swift).

T/T payments must be made in full to the following account:

Account Name Mister Aqua (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Account No 112-3-13969-1
Bank Bangkok Bank
Branch Sampeng
Bank Address 343 Soi Wanich 1
Mungorn Rd. Sampantawong
Bangkok 10100 Thailand


Discounts and charges will be provided with our price list. Order for fish can be packed into 1/8, 1/6, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 box accordingly. Minimum order per each item is 1/4 boxes.


Fish are quarantined and delivered within 7 working days after full payment is received. This is to allow time for conditioning the fish for export and preparation of necessary documents. Delivery is also subject to airlines’ approval of shipping space and customer’s confirmation of shipment. You must specify at the point of purchase what documents are required to avoid delay in the shipment.


Fish are packed in Styrofoam boxes. The dimension of the boxes is 62 x 45 x 30 cm. (About 25 x 15 x 12 inches)
The weight per box is between 15 to 24kg depends on types of fish and packing density involved.
The packing densities listed on the price list are only indications for fish packed to endure flight duration excluding unforeseen delays during transit. We reserve a right to alter packing density according to the prevailing situations at time of packing to:
• Minimizes possibilities of DOA (Death on Arrival) while keeping an eye on the absolute need to economizes freight charges
• Give allowance to sensitivity of the fish being shipped
You will be advised of the changes needed to be made on packing densities before the orders are processed. Buyers bear full responsibility (without DOA guarantees) when they make requests for fixed density packing.

Guarantee & Claim

If your fish do not arrive alive or if they die within 24 hours after receiving them at the airport, we will replace them in term of credits for next further shipment. The following conditions apply

1. You must take immediate delivery of your order upon its arrival.
2. Please make sure that your water quality is good.
3. You must acclimate the new arrival fish.
Under normal flights/shipment conditions, our records have shown more than 95% alive on arrival at destination airport.

We will replace the dead specimen on your next order. Pictures of dead fish must be sent to us immediately within 24 hours after shipment arrived to destination airport. We only accept quality pictures which clearly reveal the quantity in detail. Our guarantee does not cover the cost of shipping or applicable packing charge. The guarantee and claims are strictly valid within 24 hours after receiving the fish. Upon discovering DOA; please report back to us with proves as soon as possible.

Please note that upon discovering evidences pointing towards fraudulences, we obtain the rights to reject the suspected claim. Please be reassured that we do not want to risk losing any honest customer, and we will not terminate a claim without obvious prove. If you have any question regarding this aspect, please contact our customer support for more information.
In the event of loss due to flight delays or mishandling by airplane: we advice you to check the fish immediately upon the receipt at the airport, preferably with the personnel who bring out your boxes. Claims should be immediately lodged directly to the airline’s concern. If you do not carry out the above procedures, you risk the possibilities of getting your claims rejected. Please note that we are not liable for such DOA. In any event, you're advised to keep us informed. We reserve the right to change the above Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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